About Us

Prophetess J. Brittany Woods

Chief Apostle Willie Woods

Wailing Women & Praying Priest Ministries International was founded by J. Brittany Woods. As a woman of integrity, righteousness, and holiness, Prophetess Woods has but one desire, which is to live a life worthy of the calling that she has received. She belives in the "greater work" that was spoken of in John 14:12. She is an End Time Major Prophet, mandated to shake the Heavens, Nations, Regions and Cities for God, a Visionary, an Intercessor, a Pastor, an Overseer, a Mentor, a Wife and a Mother. She is a person that has suffered many afflictions but has stood on God's promises. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivereth him out of them all." Psalm 34:19

It has been over 20 years since she has answered the call to ministry and the mandate God has given her to birth spiritual children. Prophetess Woods has dedicated her life to ministry because she realizes that from the time people are saved they are but mere babes in the new world of righteousness. The children of God come into the journey of salvation and holiness with baggage that is over packed with physical and mental abuse, personality disorders, and demonic spirits and rejection. Therefore, God has ordained Prophetess Woods to bring His children into spiritual maturity and deliverance without the bonds of time. As a midwife and a mother in the spiritual realm, she helps birth the promise of God in individuals. From her labor in the kingdom she has birthed numerous prophets, leaders, and ministries.

Chief Apostle Willie Woods, provides ecclesiastical covering for his wife, (Apostle/Prophetess J. Brittany Woods) to "Wailing Women and Praying Priests Ministries, International, Inc." Chief Apostle Woods is a published author and writer of contemporary gospel lyrics, placards and booklets, to include: "Seven Dynamic Principles of Faith," "Check out the Realities and Possibilities," "Faith, Just Haul-off and Have it!," "TNT (Titles, Names and Truths)," "Answered Prayer from a Loving God," "Prayer and Fasting Dynamics," "Seven Tenets of the Full Gospel," "Questions often Asked and Bible Answers about Life, Death, Heaven, Hell and Eternity," "Conquering the 'Almost' Syndrome," "God's 'So' Love," "Twelve Points About Deliverance," "O... Lord, Send Now, Prosperity," "Spiritual Vitamins," "Titles of JESUS CHRIST, Book by Book -- from Genesis to Revelation"... and other placards, books and literature.